Serge Eustache

Computer Animation, Compositng & Visual Effects







Crazy Horse Effects (CHE)

Compositor 2014

- The Sea of Trees (Film)

Duties included standard comp and color correction, matte painting
integration, rig removal and snow effects.


Drawn By the Light VFX Studios

Compositor 2014

- Reclaim (Film)

Responsible for wire and rig removal along with paint work for final using Nuke.


Pixel Playground

Visual Effects Compositor Nov 2013 - Jan 2014

- The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Film)

• Duties include tracking, wire removal, roto and paint work to shots for final utilizing Nuke.



Compositor 2013

- Speed (TV/Web)

• Responsible for tracking, painting and patching parts of the plate for compositing.
Dust and smoke elements comped for final effects for each shot


Animal Logic

Compositor 2013

- Walking With Dinosaurs ( Film)

• Composited cg dinosaur characters and effects to live action
plates for final. Other duties included resolving stereo
alignment, depth issues, and minor wire remova



Visual Effects Compositor 2012

- UHC (Commercial)

• Assisted in CG integration of V-Ray and After Effects elements on to live-action
plates for United Healthcare 30 sec. spot.


Crazy Horse Effects

Visual Effects Compositor 2012

- Life Of Pi (Film)

• Used Nuke to aid in background matte painting compositing and foreground integration of elements for stereo final.


Pixel Playground

Visual Effects Compositor 2012

- The Amazing Spider-Man (Film)

• Composited shots from start to finish using Nuke.
• Monitor & keypad inserts, CG integration into live action plates and bg replacement.
• Other duites included roto, paint, tracker marker removal, blue/green screen keying, 2D/3D tracking, wire removal, and stereo compositing.


Deluxe Entertainment (Stereo-D)

Depth Artist - 2011 & 2012

- The Avengers (Feature Film)

• Responsible for converting live action plates to stereoscopic shots. Nuke was the conversion software used.

- Titanic (Feature Film)

• Live action plate conversion to stereo plates using Nuke.


Sony Pictures Imageworks

Associate Technical Director 2009 & 2011

- Green Lantern (Film)

• Responsible for creating and compositing stereoscopic shots for the film. Elements for shots were constructed using re-rendering and re-projection techniques. Software used Katana and Nuke.

- G-Force (Feature Film)

Create stereo shots for the feature using Katana and Maya.

- Alice In Wonderland (Film Trailer)

• Responsible for creating stereoscopic aspect of the trailer. In house software Katana and Maya used to comp and recreate elements.


Prime Focus

Visual Effects Artist (Stereoscopic) 2010

• Main duty as a stereoscopic artist is to convert 2D film plates using the Prime Focus View-D
technique in Digital Fusion to 3D finalized shots.

• Other duties include: Compositing, Rotoscoping, Paint and 2D/3D Tracking.

Feature Film List

- The Chronicles of Narnia (The Voyage of the Dawn Treader)
- My Soul To Take
- Shrek
- Cats and Dogs 2 (The Revenge of Kitty Galore)
- Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


SCTG (Southern California Therapeutic Group)

Network & Database Administration (2009 -2010)

• Created and maintain database for staffing company Southern California Therapeutic Group (SCTG) using File Maker Pro.

• Responsible for network administration using Team Viewer software for staffing.

• Responsible for backup and software installation on windows machines.


Crazybridge Studios

3D Animation & Compositing 2008 & 2007

- Battle 360 (Television)

• Create scene setups, animate cameras, render and composite 3D transitions for The History Channel show Battle 360 using Maya & After Effects.

- The Works - (Television)

• Duties included modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, rendering and compositing scenes dealing with the technical inner workings of man made systems.

- True Story of Charlie Wilson's War (Television)

• Design, animate and composite opening titles using AE and Photoshop for The History Channel.


Method In Motion

3D Animation, Scene Setup, Modeling, Lighting, Texturing, & Compositing 2007

- World In Conflict (Game Cinematic)

• Create scene setups, assisted in lighting and texturing. Modeled props, assisted in rendering scenes and compositing shots. Software used, AE and Maya.

- GoodWin (Product Design)

• Responsible for lighting, texturing and rendering high resolution images for Johnson & Johnson’s new tooth brush designs utilizing Maya and PS.

- Copex (Logo Design)

• Created all aspects of logo design for Technicolor division using Maya.


Urban Animators

2D Animation & Compositing 2007

- Pyroglyph (Music Video)

• Responsible for creating and animating 20 motion graphic shots for music video.
• Duties included green screen removal, scanning photos for animation, creating visual effects, and compositing elements. Photoshop and After Effects used for all shots.


Address One

3D Animation & 2D Animation 2007

- RAW vs. Smack Down 2007 (Gaming)

• Developed effects transitions and button high-lights for video game instructions.


JetPlane Films

3D Animation 2007

- United Artist (Film)

• Designed models and rendered shots for logo concept designs   using Maya.

2D Animation 2006

- Texas Tech (Commercial)

• Created 30 and 60 second commercial spots using After Effects.


Graphic Nature, Ltd

3D Animation, Visual Effects & Compositing 2007 & 2006

- Body Fantastic (Television)

•Create body elements and animate characters using Maya. Synch shots to audio tracks and composite elements using After Effects.

- That's Gotta Hurt (Television)

• Animated characters to audio track depicting real life scenarios   utilizing Maya. Also composite shots with AE.

- Click (Film)

• Created visual effect element to composite into remote control using   tracking and masking techniques onto live footage.
• Added firework effects to background plates and removed wires.
• Tracked and created still frame elements from live footage to   achieve stopping time effect for various shots.
• Shots used for film screenings and movie previews.

- Across The Universe (Film)

• Keyed background in After Effects to composite live action footage.   Also rotoscoped certain elements that could not be extracted   through keying.
• Final composite was used for Executive Producer viewing.

2D - Animation, Effects, Color Correction and Compositing 2005

- The Nine (Television)
• Created opening titles for movie using After Effects.

- See How They Run (Film)
• Created opening titles for movie using After Effects.

- The Illumination (Film)
• Used After Effects to make one minute trailer for film.

- MIRIAM (Film)
• Used After Effects to color corrected hair for all shots and add rim   lighting effects to airplane shots.

- Graphic Nature Demo Reel
• Created animated interfaces using Photoshop and After Effects.

3D - Modeling, Texturing, Particles, Rendering & Compositing   2004 - 2005

- Little Pablo (Commercial)

• Used Maya to model city environment, structures and props. Also, textured environment using Photoshop and Maya.

- Word Diamonds Project (DVD)

• Created various 3D models for project end sequences.
• Helped to create word textures for diamond sequence using Maya particle effects.
• Assisted in compositing Word Diamond title sequences utilizing After   Effects. Also composited vignette elements into Maya ocean scenes.
• Created sentence textures for project streams using Photoshop. Used After Effects to mask and arrange rendered sentence streams.
• Fixed texture files using Maya, then used Muster to network render   sequences.


Freelance • Animation, Modeling, Visual Effects & Illustration                      

• Developed and animated TV show graphics for feature film "Play   Dead". (2007)
• Created space warp, planet animations and text motion for Mars   New Media DVD menus. (2005)
• Produced & composited bubble-effects sequence using 3DSMax and  After Effects for independent animated feature "Starslyderz". (2004)
• Designed two poster illustrations for independent film "Identity   Crisis". (2004)
• Created After Effects video animation sequence for Miss India   International Beauty Pageant DVD at C Studios. (2003)
• Developed two 30-sec. commercials using After Effects and   Premiere for Miss India International presented at Hard Rock Live -   Universal Studios, Florida. (2002)
• Produced detailed model of spout-inserter machine for multimedia   presentation.(2001)

Universal Studios Florida - Century III / DVD-Group 2000

• Created and animated 3D logo for "FTP MY DVD" using Softimage 3D. Effects and compositing done in After Effects.
• Produced 3D & 2D animation work as well as composited shots for   interactive DVD. This project was a prototype for an educational CD-  ROM intranet tool.

Audio Visual Technician - University of Central Florida (1997-1999)

• Responsible for setting up microphones, lights, LCD projectors, JBL audio equipment and computers for customer meetings.

Production Coordinator - University of Central Florida (1997-1999)

• Coordinated events for the UCF Student Union. Duties included providing supplies and support for all meetings and made sure all events ran smoothly.

• Produced and directed customer service training video for the UCF Student Union.



3D: Maya 2010, 3D Studio Max 5, Z-Brush, Softimage 3D 3.7
2D: Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6
2D Animation: After Effects CS5
Compositing: Nuke X 8, Katana, Combustion 3, Shake 2.5, Fusion 5
Rendering: Mental Ray, HDRI, Brazil, Muster 4.1
Video: Avid Express, Final Cut Pro 5, Premiere Pro CS4, Cleaner 5
DVD: Sonic Solutions Encode, Author, Imager, Veritas Stomp 4.5
Web: Dreamweaver CS4
Multimedia: Director MX
FTP: FTP Voyager, Cute FTP
Audio: ProTools 4.1, Sound Forge 6, Sound Edit 16


Analog: Drawing, Story Boarding
Technical: Windows NT, 2000, XP, Mac OS 9 & X, UNIX, Software  and Hardware Installation
Management: Production Coordinator, A / V Technical Spervisor, Computer Lab Supervisor
Production: Audio & Visual Technician, Assistant Cameraman, Boom Operator, Grip, Sound Mixer
Post Production: Editing, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Compositing, Color Correction, Sound Editing, Web Design,   Multimedia Development, DVD Authoring


Full Sail - Real World Education;

Orlando, Florida: Associate of Science Degree in Digital Media. (October 1998 - December 1999)

Course Director Awards: Digital Media Assembly • Design Art Theory • Computers in Digital Media

University Of Central Florida

Orlando, Florida: Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Information Systems. (January 1996 - June 1998)